VIII Seminário Internacional Web Currículo

VIII Seminário Internacional Web Currículo

online PUC-SP - Campus Monte Alegre (Perdizes) - São Paulo - São Paulo - Brasil
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Hybrid spaces, times and contexts

About the event

Keeping the tradition and the relevance of the Seminar, held every two years since 2008, in 2023 PUC-SP reaffirms its presence in research, in the training of educators and in scientific production on topics related to curriculum and technology by offering the public a space for training, updating and communication between researchers, managers, teachers and students from different areas of expertise and professionals in the field of technology in education, distance education, online, remote, hybrid, inclusive education and digital culture.

The VIII International Web Curriculum Seminar involves the participation of the Faculty of Education, with the support of the Undergraduate and Graduate Dean of PUC-SP, in partnership with the Federal University of Santa Catarina, with the Regional Center of Studies for the Development of the Information Society ( and with the Brazilian Curriculum Association (ABdC).

The Seminar has the following objectives:

  • Provide a dialogical environment for sharing experiences and encouraging new ideas between teachers from different levels of education, researchers, students and other professionals;
  • Identify fundamentals, results and research methodologies, developed with a focus on face-to-face, distance or hybrid learning contexts, which integrate the media and Digital Information and Communication Technologies (TDIC);
  • Foster the debate on curricular concepts and practices, which are developed with the mediation of technologically distinct devices, especially those that provide mobility, associated with other resources, creating conditions for the integration between learning contexts, face-to-face and virtual, formal education, non-formal and informal through a humanist perspective.

Guest Speakers

The VIII Web Curriculum Seminar counts on the participation of national and international lecturers, external and internal to PUC-SP.




Certificates will be issued on this platform after the end of the seminar for participants who complete all stages of their registration.


Approved papers will be published for the participants who complete all stages of their application.


The program is structured in two stages: online activities, on November 21, 2023, with online dialogic cycles and workshops; presencial event on November 22 and 23, 2023.



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Submission of papers

The VIII International Web Curriculum Seminar proposes to strengthen the dialogue between postgraduate, undergraduate, basic education teachers and professors, in formal, informal and non-formal educational contexts, from the productive sector, sociocultural projects and the like. To this end, the activities are characterized as lectures by scholars from Brazil and abroad, round tables with guests, online dialogical cycles and sessions of presentation of papers in the modalities described below.

Oral communication: full article format characterized as an original work and not yet published. The article may deal with the analysis of an experience or research results, description of an ongoing project, development of digital teaching materials to support the curriculum, always following the rigor and structure of a scientific work.

Poster: short article format containing an analytical report on research, courses, experiences and ongoing activities.

Symposium: brings together three oral speeches around a theme. It must be submitted by the coordinator/proposer of the symposium, together with a general summary that presents and justifies the relevance of the theme. The submission must be made in a single “.doc” file. Papers from an approved Symposium proposal are presented together in a Seminar session.

Pedagogical Practice Report: report of an activity developed in different school and non-school environments, recorded in a specific form available on the website. The report can be presented jointly by teachers and students involved in the pedagogical activity

Research Seminar: presentation of research (doctoral, master's or scientific initiation) in progress or recently concluded. The submission follows the article format, according to oral communication guidelines.

Workshops: lasting one or two hours, face-to-face or online with hands-on activities. The proposal must be registered in a specific form available on the event website.

O evento possui vagas limitadas para participação e apresentação de trabalhos nas modalidades especificadas, tendo como foco um dos seguintes eixos temáticos:

The event has limited numbers for participation and presentation of Papers in the specified modalities, focusing on one of the following thematic axis:

Ethics and Responsibility in Education

Curriculum and technologies in emerging contexts

Teacher training in the digital culture

Educational and curricular innovation in practice

Public policies in education

Curriculum, knowledge and culture

Curriculum, teacher training, active methodologies and Interdisciplinarity

Artificial intelligence and education

Hybrid learning and open schooling


All the papers being submitted must be sent exclusively through the submission system of the event, via the registration of the author(s) so that they can be evaluated by the Scientific Committee, following the instructions regarding layout structure and rules that regulate the submission of the papers, which are available on the links below.

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Maria Elizabeth Bianconcini de Almeida

Organizing committee

Maria Elizabeth Bianconcini de Almeida

Fernando José de Almeida

Maria da Graça Moreira da Silva

Alípio Márcio Dias Casali

Madalena Guasco Peixoto

Ana Valéria Barbosa da Silva

Cleide Maria dos Santos Muñoz

Gerlane Romão Fonseca Perrier

Maria Eduarda de Lima Menezes

Marisa Garbellini Sensato

Scientific Committee/Third review

Participam do Comitê Científico os pesquisadores com experiência relacionada aos eixos temáticos do Seminário.

Technical support team

Event Venue

The program is structured in two stages: online activities, on November 21, 2023, and presencial event on November 22 and 23, 2023.

Previous Editions

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 II Web Curriculum Seminar PUC-SP - June 07 and 08, 2010

III Web Curriculum Seminar PUC-SP - November 12, 13, and 14, 2012

Web Curriculum Colloquium/Research Exhibition PUC-SP - October 08, 2014

IV Web Curriculum Seminar and the XII Researchers Meeting - September 21, 22 and 23, 2015

V Web Curriculum Seminar PUC-SP - October 16, 17 and 18, 2017

VI Web Curriculum Seminar PUC-SP - November 04, 05 and 06, 2019

VII Web Curriculum Seminar PUC-SP - November 16, 17 and 18, 2021

Other links for inquiries

Website of the Counseling of Institutional Communication

Postgraduate Program in Education: Curriculum

Important Dates

Papers submission: from July 03 to September 10, 2023

Publication of results: as of October 10

Registration to participate in the event (registration confirmation): until November 13, 2023