Beyond Being - Approaches of Transcendence in Ancient Philosophy

Beyond Being - Approaches of Transcendence in Ancient Philosophy

online Auditório Paulo Freire (TUCA) - Rua Monte Alegre, 1024 - São Paulo - São Paulo - Brazil | Brasil
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The conference

We are delighted to announce a 4-day international conference on the theme of transcendence in ancient philosophy. The conference will take place at both the Federal University of ABC and the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo.

With the claim that the Form of the Good is beyond being (epekeina tês ousias, Republic, 509b8), Plato has (maybe not willingly) inaugurated a philosophical tradition which investigates transcendent hyper-ontological realities and their relationship with being. The necessity to accept the existence of ineffable entities as the ultimate principles of reality can be found at the center of many Neoplatonic philosophies and has caused intense discussions. In this conference, we aim to pursue this discussion and welcome any paper on the theme of transcendence, its origin, its development and its critics in ancient philosophy.


Paulo Freire Room

TUCA Theater

R. Monte Alegre, 1024 - Perdizes

The Program

September 19

13h00: Registration

14h00: Opening remarks

14h15-15h45: Session (A): 

  • James Trybendis (New School): And She's Hearing a Stairway to Heaven: Plotinus and the Music of the Good

  • Tiziano Ottobrini (Bergamo): Between Ineffable and Unspeakable: aporreton and arreton as In-dication of the Principle beyond the One, according to Damascius’ De primis principiis

Chair: Gabriele Cornelli (Brasilia)

15h45-16h00 : Coffee Break

16h00-18h00 : Opening keynote session  : 

  • Gabriele Cornelli (Brasilia): Transcending Death through Laughter: Plato on the Choices of the Souls in the Myth of Er

  • John Thorp (Western Ontario): Transcendence: from Light to Darkness

Chair: Cristiane Abbud

September 20

10h00 -12h15 : Session (B) :

  • Géraldine Hertz (Nantes) : Beyond Being and Ineffability : the implicit debate between a 2nd century Christian philosopher and his Middle Platonic contemporaries

  • Antonio Pio Di Cosmo (Universidad Católica de Cuyo) : Rethinking the "Royal Animal". Concretizing the Idea of the “good” from Eusebius to Agapitus

  • Andre L. Braga da Silva (USP): Not beyond Being: Existence, the Good, and the Being of the Ideas in Plato.

Chair: Cassio Mercier (PUC-SP)

14h00-16h15  : Session (C) : 

  • Xi Ji (Zhejiang University): Transcendence of the Human Soul in the Timaeus

  • Giovanni Vella (Fapcom): Guido Calogero e a interpretação universalista do conceito platônico  de imortalidade no Fédon

  • Cassio Ramos (PUC-SP): A transcendência como fundamento do discurso no Crátilo de Platão

Chair: Marcelo Perine (PUC-SP)

16h15-16h45 : Coffee Break

16h45-18h45 : Keynote papers I :

  • Matthew Duncombe (Nottingham): Transcendence, Immanence and Megaricism in Plato’s Theaetetus

  • Nicola Galgano (USP): Parmênides e o exórdio da transcendência

Chair: Luca Pitteloud e Bruno Conte

September 21

10h00 -12h00: Communications Session 

  • Augusto Dias Leite (Quioto/UFOP): Time beyond Being

  • Pedro Dotto (New School): The Interrelation between the Palinode and Rhetoric in Plato’s Phaedrus

  • Gabriel Balog (PUC-SP): The Elenkhos' ethical Purpose: from the "good thinker" to the good effect of their faculties

  • Erick D'Luca (Brasilia): On "the Being of Things" in 44 DK B6

Chair: Nicola Galgano


14h00-15h30:  Session (D) : 

  • Maurizio Di Silva (UFPR/USP): Augustine on mundus intelligibilis: De Ordine, II. 

  • Celso Vieira (Bochum): The Eternity is Eternal: Self-Predication in Plato's Timaeus

Chair: Maria Cecília Gomes dos Reis (UFABC)

15h30-16h00: Coffee Break

16h00-17h00: Keynote papers II : 

  • Lucas Angioni (Unicamp): Aristotle and the nous beyond episteme

Chair: Bruno Conte

September 22

13h15-15h30: Session (E) : 

  • William Young (Endicott College): Toward an Inclusive Conception of Eternity

  • Alberto Zali (Genova): From chorismos to epekeina tes ousias: two levels of transcendence in Plato’s philosophy

  • Dmitry Biriukov (Poletayev Institute): Once again on Neoplatonism of Arius

Chair: Pedro Dotto (New School)

15h30-16h00: Coffee Break

16h00-17h30: Closing conference : 

  • Gábor Betegh (Cambridge) : The ‘in’ Relation and the Functions of the Receptacle in the Timaeus

Chair: Luca Pitteloud




Certificates will be issued

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 Room Paulo Freire (TUCA Theater)





Bruno Conte, Pontifical Univ. of São Paulo

Luca Pitteloud, Federal Univ. of ABC

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